Chances are a minor credit card theft could have been handled easier than booby trapping your house to keep the police out.

Sometimes when you're having a bad day, it's best just to own up and take your punishment, because trying to avoid it only seems to make it worse.

67-year-old Roger Broadstone found that out last month. The Arenac County man used a stolen credit card to buy some things online, and when the police came to ask him about it, they found him barricaded in his home, with booby traps set up to harm the cops.

OUCH! That's gonna cost ya!

So instead of just facing fraud charges, he now will be looking at some serious prison time after being arraigned on attempted murder, arson, placing an offensive substance with intent to injure, disarming an officer, resisting police, and other charges.

His bond is currently set at more than a million dollars, and he's expected back in court on February 11.

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