Man who asked Governor Whitmer to remove Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf from office, changes mind after receiving death threats for his family members.

I was watching the news last night and I saw that a Barry County man said he had enough information to remove Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf from office. Since that hit the news, the man has received death threats for himself, but what really troubled him were the death threats made to his family.

Making a death threat is against the law, seems like the man could have called the State Police instead of the Sheriffs Department to have those threats looked into and prosecute them people who made them. If done by phone, email or social media, all those can be traced.

According to WOOD the Barry County man from Delton who wrote the first email to the governor asking to have Sheriff Dar Leaf removed, wrote a second email on Friday that said,

I'd like to rescind my request to ask the Governor to the remove Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf from office. I still stand by what I stated and can document it all, but it's proven to be too dangerous to follow through with it. I have received death threats not only for myself but for my family. If it were just me, I would handle it, but I cannot in good conscience put my family in danger. Sorry for this, but I find it necessary.

This sounds like something from the old TV show the Untouchables and how the mob would threaten people and their families if they considered to testify against a mob boss.

The Delton man initially said he had proof of Sheriff Leaf using county vehicles to make trips out of state to speak at rallies. Used county money to pay for personal items not to mention all the threats Leaf has made on social media about forming his own posse and that the election results no valid.

Now that the man has rescinded his removal of Sheriff Leaf, there is nothing the Governor can do.

Sounds like the folks in Barry County have a lot to consider the next time there is an election for county sheriff.

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