We've all experienced that feeling in the pit of our stomach when we see a police car in the rearview mirror. The blue lights start flashing, and our good day just went bad.

Police in Lowell went on a mission to turn people's bad day into good.

In the video, produced by Christian-based television network Up TV, we see Lowell police officers pulling over drivers who committed minor traffic violations. However, instead of giving people a ticket, the officers handed them gifts.

These weren't just generic gifts. These were specific gifts the drivers said they had on their Christmas lists.

We see the officer start up a conversation with drivers about Christmas, while other officers would listen to the conversation via the radio. These officers were waiting at a nearby Meijer store, and would quickly purchase the items that the drivers mentioned were on their Christmas list.

The officers then deliver the gifts to the traffic stop. The looks on the faces of the drivers is nothing short of amazing.

WOOD-TV 8 reports that Up TV network paid for the gifts as part of its Uplift Someone Christmas initiative.

Well done Up TV; and well done officers!