I sincerely hope Valentines's Day was special for you. It was for us. Even though I waited too long to get a reservation at any of our favorite restaurants...my bad...I was able to make it special. We spent time together, of course there were flowers involved, and a card, and I cooked. It was a lovely, loving evening. However, no matter what I did on Valentine’s Day it still pales in comparison to what this man does.

Bill Bresnan is his name, and he has written a love letter to his wife, Kris, every day for the last 40 years, dating back to when they first met in 1974. Yikes! That's when Kathy and I were married! If you add it all up, that’s about 10,000 letters.

Stunning, huh? There are so many notes and letters they take up 25 boxes.

These two should be teaching relationship classes. They sure have it.

What's the secret?  Bill says, “Do things together. Have fun. Love each other.” Oh, and they also recommend not using the cell phone so much.

Fat chance with that.