This one actually kind of surprises me. It's not too often that you find a school that is abandoned with something as new as a laptop left behind when it's shut down.

Typically they will be redistributed amongst the district. Instead, this school seems to have been all but forgotten about.

Forgotten Detroit School With Laptops Left Behind

I don't know what's more shocking, the fact they are still in the school, or that nobody has taken them after all this time.

Take a look below. You can tell some people have recently ventured inside the school.

Look At This Abandoned Detroit School With Laptops Left Inside

This school was very clearly recently vacated with the laptops sitting on the ground in here. I'm a little surprised nobody has tried to take advantage of them and take them.
@true_explores Crazy how much they leave behind at these places… #abandoned#abandonedschool#abandoneddetroit#urbanexploring#urbanex#abandonedplaces#fypシ#foryoupage#explore#xyzabc#fyp♬ bless. - knoccout ‘

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