The annual ranking of colleges from US News & World Report came out today.

See who tops the list and how some universities in Michigan ranked.

Princeton, Harvard, and Yale are the top three nationally.

Some Michigan universities did well too.




  • 28 - Michigan
  • 73 - MSU
  • 117 - Michigan Tech
  • 181 - WMU
  • 190 - CMU

Here's a comparison of Michigan universities.

How did they come up with the rankings? says:

U.S. News updated the methodology for the 2014 rankings to reflect the current state of college admissions and better measure student outcomes. High school class rank, a figure included on fewer student transcripts, is less important in college admissions decisions than in years past. As a result, class standing received significantly less weight in this year's rankings.

We also increased the weight of graduation and retention rates for national universities and liberal arts colleges and extended graduation rate performance, which measures the difference between an institution's predicted and actual graduation rates, to regional schools.

View the full rankings from US News & World Report.

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