If you're driving along, minding your own business and making a reasonable attempt at keeping it near the speed limit, you should be fine travelling anywhere, right?

Some are questioning whether they need to be extra diligent when crossing state lines - particularly entering or leaving Michigan. The question came up recently on a subreddit dedicated to Indiana on Reddit.

The OP asks

Someone made a post earlier about getting busted [with Michigan-purchased marijuana] just across the state line coming back from Michigan. How active is law enforcement in pulling people over coming back from Michigan?

Many were quick to chime in with the obvious - no, there's nothing for you to worry about. However, some questions do spring to mind.

Recreational marijuana is illegal to purchase in Indiana but legal in Michigan. So could a weed purchase in Michigan, get you busted over the state line?

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Going the other direction, Indiana does not charge a 10 cent deposit on pop and beer. Would a law enforcement officer be looking at Michigan cars who may have stocked up on beverages deposit-free south of the border?

The general consensus from the Reddit thread is - don't do anything stupid like

Cars with plumes of smoke coming out while driving way over the speed limit?

"Do you have anything in the car you aren't supposed to?"

Yes officer, you got me, here is the pot I bought in Michigan.

So always obey local laws - that would be the best way to ensure you won't ever have trouble when hitting a state line.

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