Living in Michigan, everyone is aware of the majesty of our Great Lakes. None are greater in size and volume at least than Lake Superior. This statistic may just give you even more appreciation for the grande dame of the Great Lakes.

Posted by the Lake Superior Circle Tour Facebook page, the gag post, perfect for the winter season, gives the stat on how much egg nog would be required to fill up the lake.

The joke is, of course, the amount of egg nog would be roughly (see below) equal to the amount of water the lake can hold. No matter what liquid you're using for measure, 3 quadrillion gallons is a lot.

Considering Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world, it would also be the largest egg nog lake in the world.

Lake Superior Shoreline in Munising
Photo by Charlie Wollborg on Unsplash

However, with a residence time (amount of time water stays in the lake) of 191 years, the egg nog in Lake Superior would get plenty curdled and spoiled if one tracked a drop of it from, say, Duluth to Sault Ste. Marie.

Many of the commenters on the Facebook posting enjoyed the joke.

If they can turn the river green in Chicago for Saint Patrick's day, we can do this for Christmas.

And what a glorious lake it would be!

So the average consumption of eggnog during the holiday season in Wisconsin?!

What a disgustingly interesting fact!

Let’s do this. I’m seriously ready for Nog Lake. Can we spike it?

How much rum with that?

And it will take 204 years for that eggnog to make it to the ocean, right?

It would smell bad after a while

are you taking into account relative liquid densities or is this a 1:1 water to eggnog comparison?

Ahh, and see that last comment there? That feels like actual science and physics and too much for us to contemplate.

egg nog
Photo by Aleisha Kalina on Unsplash

Ready for more facts - not that these aren't real facts - about the Great Lakes?

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