Things are a little different now for Lindsay Lohan.  Lindsay Lohan was in court today for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace.  The judge wanted to make she she understood that facing a felony is a little different than facing a misdemeanor.  The question is, can Lindsay stay out of trouble until she is back in court on February 23rd to face the charge?  We'll see.  Check out this two and a half minute video right out of the courtroom.  Don't ya just love the American Judicial System!   

 Just an observation, I'm thinking she is wearing all the diamond jewelry to send a message to the judge and the court that she doesn't need to steal anything because she can afford to buy what she wants.  But can she really?  She said she wore all white because it represents "innocence".  I do feel sorry for the girl.  Like I said onWZZM13's Take Five & Company this morning, she is an addict.  And the people around her are users and leeches and enablers.  Personally, I would be happy to see her go away somewhere for three years.  It will hopefully save her life and she will come out clean, sober and a better person for it.  Plus all those people living off of her will finally have to figure out how to support themselves.  Maybe it could be a fresh start for LiLo.  I think deep down inside she is a decent person but her reality has been distorted for some time now.  I feel bad for her.  Read what exactly went down in court today and was Lindsay's outfit too sexy for court?