Don't listen if you want to hear all Partridge Family talk becasue you're not gonna get it.  That's what I was hoping for:(  He touches on it during a couple of my questions but he kept taking it back to 'The Lifeboard"  He was on with his wife Sue, and she was just so sweet!

As you can tell I was very nervous and tongue tied when I finally got him on the line! I wanted to take this interview one way but they wanted to take it another way. Sometimes as an interviewer you have to decide to go with the flow or against it. I decided to go with it because it was clear that they had a clear direction & something to promote and thats all they wanted to talk about.  I think it would have been futile to try and redirect as the interview would have sounded pretty disjointed. Plus it's not really my style to force someone to go somewhere they don't want to go. Kind of like Oprah. She said the last thing she wants is someone who doesn't want to be on the show and talk to her about some things she needs and wants to ask.  I wanted to focus on the fun and the memories every woman on facebook & the radio were sharing with me.  Wouldn't that make you want to buy The Lifeboard:-) It would leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.  Plus The Lifeboard is a cool concept!  

First time for me trying to do this video thing so the sound is off a bit in the beginning until I could adjust the levels during the interview. I promise I'll do better in the future.

David and his wife Sue wanted to talk about The Lifeboard, so that's where we went.  It's a very cool thing that kind of helps you focus and redirect your energies into your hopes, your wishes and your dreams. I so believe in this.  But, I think as we grow older other crap takes up our time and we get distracted from what we want out of life and instead go where other people are telling us to go.  The Lifeboard is a concise way for you to focus on what's important, where you want to be and what you want for your life.  It helps you stay open to doors of opportunity that might be there for you to walk through. Check out The Lifeboard here! 

This was such a thrill for me.  All the posters are out of my 16 magazines and Tiger Beat magazines here because David Cassidy was in the centerfold:) His pictures hung on my bedroom walls as a kid and I Think I Love You, I Woke Up In Love This Morning, Come On Get Happy, Echo Valley 2-6-8-0-9 all have the grooves worn out:-) AND...they are still on my iPod today;)  This was one of my dreams come true!  Check this off my dream list!  More on my Facebook page & Facebook Fan Page!

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