Although Kesha is known for her Auto-Tuned club bangers, she kicked it old school with a performance of the Beach Boys' classic "California Girls."

Kesha took the stage on March 30 at Brian Fest, an event celebrating the music of iconic singer-songwriter Brian Wilson. When the "Crazy Kids" singer took the stage, it was not in a cloud of glitter, but rather a moment that paid tribute to the inimitable sound of the Beach Boys.

Dressed in a white blouse and leather mini-skirt, Kesha belted, "I been all around this great big world / And I seen all kinds of girls / Yeah, but I couldn't wait to get back in the states / Back to the cutest girls in the world."

We think that Kesha sounds amazing in the performance. As much as we love the catchiness of her songs "We R Who We R" and "TiK ToK," we also love that she's flaunting her insane vocals, no Auto-Tune necessary.

Also, we think the lyrics are perfect for Kesha — especially the line about the "Midwest farmer's daughters" — given that she grew up in a small town outside of Nashville. (Case in point: her cameo on The Simple Life.)

Although Kesha's been (mostly) staying out of the news lately, she did make headlines for reportedly glitter-bombing a dinosaur figurine at a museum earlier this year. Oh, and then there's the matter of her amazing, ever-changing hair color ...

You can watch Kesha cover the Beach Boys' "California Girls" in the video above!

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