There's one thing in life that's constant, and that's change. That has been true for Bridge Street on Grand Rapids' westside as over the past few years there's been plenty of new development.  Now it looks like another piece of Bridge Street history might be going away as the owners of Kale's Korner put the iconic bar on the real estate market on Tuesday, according to WOODTV.

The area where Kale’s Korner is located has seen a revitalization with a number of properties being sold, demolished, and rebuilt for places like Bridge Street Market/The Hendrix, Bridge Street Lofts, and a few others.  Kale's Korner is listed for $1.35 million and includes the parking lot on Alabama Ave NW, WOODTV reports.

My guess is, once sold it will be torn down and another mixed-use development will take its place.  You can call me psychic, but also WOODTV says the real estate listing says it could be turned into a 5-story mixed-use building, and with the parking lot included... it's gravy.

Curious why the change now?  For the past 43 years, Robert Kale and his wife have owned run Kale's Korner, in October, Robert passed away at 79 years old.

WOODTV posted a snippet from Robert's obituary,

“He loved joking and serving his customers always leaving them laughing. In his heyday he was known as the “fastest bartender in the west,”

You always hate to see such history go away, especially when you see or hear what it meant to someone as it did to Robert.  But as I started off this news, the only constant in life is change.

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