If you missed it, Kalamazoo's local hockey team, the Kalamazoo Wings (or as we like to call them, the K-Wings), recently held a themed game night with the message, "Hockey is for everyone."

The night, dedicated to Pride, invited fans to come to support the team as they played on rainbow-dyed ice. Did you miss it? Check out the time-lapse of the process:

While this was the second year the K-Wings hosted a Pride Night, it seems like the trolls came out in droves to bash the K-Wings. Here are a few of the responses to this same video on Twitter:

And on, and on, and on. A lot of people tried to argue that they were "just concerned about the players being able to see the puck" but, that didn't seem to be an actual issue:

To be clear, the K-Wings also received a ton of support both from the community here in SW Michigan and from people all over the world. Heck, even a friend of mine that lives out in Texas was tweeting their support for the K-Wings even though they've never been to Kalamazoo.

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Even celebrities are showing their support to drown out the negative comments. I was scrolling through Twitter over the weekend and saw the one and only George Takei posting about the Kalamazoo Wings:

I can only assume Mr. Takei is referring to the LGBTQ community when he writes suddenly "we" are into hockey. Because even if you're not much of a sports fan, which is NOT limited to the LGBTQ community, it's still incredible to see a sport like hockey working to make everyone feel included.

And, that was the entire point. Inclusion.

Lately, it seems like a simple image of a rainbow is enough to send people (at least online) into a rage. Need more evidence? Look no further than the post made by Pink Floyd when they changed their logo for the 50th anniversary of their album, Dark Side of the Moon:

Clearly, the complainers have never once seen the original album cover which featured...wait for it...a rainbow. Don't want to scroll through the comments to find the trolls? See the Rolling Stone article making fun of them here.

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