The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety held a press conference at 7AM on Sunday, February 21, to share information about Saturday night's shootings which left six dead.

Here is a recap of what we learned at the press conference.

Jeffrey Getting, Kalamazoo County Prosecutor addressed the media and immediately provided reassurance that there was no continuing threat to the safety of the community, a suspect was in custody and there was no reason to believe that there was more than one person involved.

Getting said, "we have every reason to believe based upon the evidence that we have in this case, that there was only one shooter."

We also learned:

  • The timeline and locations of the three shooting incidents in addition to the time and place the suspect was arrested.
  • The departments which worked together and shared information and resources to bring the suspect into custody: the Kalamazoo County Sheriffs Department, the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety, the Michigan State Police and the Kalamazoo Valley Community College Police. Workers at Seelye Automotive Group and management at Cracker Barrel were also thanked for their assistance.
  • A Kalamazoo Country Sheriffs Department deputy saw the suspect leaving the parking lot of a Kalamazoo bar in his vehicle. The suspect was not seen in the bar. The deputy followed the car as the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety provided backup. The car was pulled over and the suspect was arrested without any significant incident. A gun was seized during the arrest as well as "additional evidence" which was not named.
  • Multiple police agencies have questioned the suspect.
  • The investigation is ongoing. Not all information and evidence is going to be shared at this time.
  • Charges and arraignment are expected to come Monday afternoon.
  • The person is custody is Jason Brian Dalton, born June 22, 1970.
  • A motive has not yet been established. The victims are not known to be connected. There is no known connection between the victims and the suspect.
  • At the time of the arrest there was no struggle. The suspect was "even-tempered".
  • The suspect is not believed to have a criminal record.
  • No information on the suspect's family was shared at the press conference.
  • The pattern and timeline suggests the shootings were premeditated.
  • The shootings at Seelye and Cracker Barrel were both recorded on video surveillance. The recordings were used to identify the suspect's vehicle.
  • The weapon found at the time of arrest was a semi-automatic handgun which "is consistent with the evidence found at the scenes of these crimes."
  • There are no other crime scenes that authorities are aware of, but officers are searching and investigating areas near Seelye and Cracker Barrel to confirm.
  • The victims were shot multiple times.

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