The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety has noted that they are familiar with regular troublemakers in their town, and this was not done by them.

Like Grand Rapids before them, the people of Kalamazoo found themselves helping their fellow citizens in cleaning up the broken glass and damage caused by vandals and looters Tuesday morning.

The trouble started at around midnight when a group of people began breaking windows at the County Courthouse. Groups broke off from there and hit local businesses along Michigan Ave. and Drake Road.

WWMT Channel 3's Genevieve Grippo reported on Facebook early this morning as the violence slowly escalated.

A group of young men who identify as the Kalamazoo X-Train has long been associated with violence along the northern strips of Kazoo, but KDPS told Grippo that this was not brought on by them.

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Cleaning Up Downtown Grand Rapids - May 31, 2020



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