As they say, It's the One True Pop! Faygo! With over 50 flavors, do you have a favorite? One, that hasn't been around for 15-years is coming back! 

Pineapple Orange is the first new Faygo flavor to make its way back onto shelves since Arctic Sun had its comeback nationwide in 2017. While the caffeine-free flavor has been available year-round in southern states, fans are finding it on shelves in Michigan and across the Midwest and East Coast in 24-ounce and two-liter bottles.

Faygo is made in Detroit, and actually began as the Feigenson Brothers Bottling Works in Detroit on Nov. 4, 1907. In the 1920s, the company shortened its name to “Faygo.” Why? Simple. Because the original name was too long to print on bottles.

Why bring Pineapple Orange back now? The Faygo folks figured this was the perfect flavor to bring back to fans as we head to summer, especially after such a difficult winter and spring.

Do you suppose it could cure COVID19? Just wondering.




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