President Barack Obama has the world at his fingertips, but as the newest guest featured on Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee," he'll settle for a simple drip java, thankyouverymuch.

The web series typically finds Seinfeld and select comics following the lead of the project's title, zooming around in cool cars before nailing down caffeine fixes. But the crew had to make an exception for No. 44, who was forced to remain on the White House premises by security detail for the duration of filming (you can watch the full episode here).

Still, Seinfeld was able to sneak into an official (but stationary) Presidential limousine before he and the POTUS retired to a small in-house cafe for freshly brewed mud and chit chat.

Conversation began as you might expect it would, with talk of presidents past and chatter about the first week on the job. But after a few sips, the drink kicked in, and Seinfeld decided to take some liberties.

"If I slid open your underwear drawer: one brand, or a number of brands?" he asks.

"You gotta go with one brand," Obama answers.

"One brand, one color?"

"Yeah, of course."

And just like that, the leader of the free world became an accessible human being. Here's hoping he's not alluding to drawers full of tighty-whities.

Watch the full episode — in which the guys proceed to talk vomiting on dignitaries and Mount Rushmore — and hang tight for this season's new episodes, which will feature Steve Martin, Kathleen Madigan and more as guests.

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