As a Michigander, you may have a love for weed!

Well, if you are a lover of camping and cannabis, you may have just found your new favorite place to visit this summer.

Have you heard of a weed-friendly campsite?

Weed-Friendly Campsite Coming To West Michigan

If you are ever in Muskegon, you may already know about The Grassy Knoll Recreational Dispensary.

The Grassy Knoll
The Grassy Knoll

If you have not had the pleasure of visiting, The Grassy Knoll Recreational Dispensary is located at 2125 Lemuel St, with five acres of land for the perfect smoker's outside paradise.

According to the owners Janet Tombre and Fred Cini, they are expecting to make room for at least 50 RVs and allow tent campers.

"We want to have a safe space for people to feel like they don’t need to look over their shoulders and feel like they have to hide the fact they’re consuming cannabis.”

Don't worry! You do not go all the way to camping like using the bathroom outside!

Portable bathrooms, water, picnic tables, and bonfire pits will be added as well!

Are you going to the Burning Foot Beach Festival this year?

If you are, festival-goers can reserve the Grassy Knoll campsites with a free shuttle service from the campsite to the festival at Pere Marquette.

Can You Buy Weed At The Campsite?

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Well, I do not think so.

The camping space is licensed for you to enjoy your weed, but not for direct sales.

However, campers can go inside the dispensary to re-up easily!

Need a late-night smoke sesh?

Well, you can also have a late-night smoke session after a beach day since The Grassy Knoll is open until midnight.

Do not wait to book your campsite!

The Grassy Knoll Campsite is already taking reservations and will officially open on June 1st.

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