Have you listened to Cowboy Carter?

Did you notice that Beyoncé referred to a Michigan-made product?

Let's get educated in the way of Beyoncé.

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Beyoncé Shouts Out A Michigan Made Product On Cowboy Carter: Jiffy Cornbread

Beyoncé opens with her song, 'Sweet Honey Buckin’ with the following lyrics:

“Jiffy cornbread, booty cornfed
Body rolls at the rodeo
I'm coming home, ooh
Ridin' through just to put my eyes on you
You are the superstar
Everybody drivin' all-new cars
Turn a bad night to a good time
On the trail ride to the zydeco
I'm coming home”

Did you notice the Michigan connection yet?


Did you know that Jiffy cornbread is made in Michigan?

Jiffy Cornbread - Michigan Made

The company has been around for more than 100 years! Jiffy Mix is made in Chelsea near Ann Arbor.

Since it was established as a traditional flour mill in 1901, Chelsea Milling Company has been a family-owned business, thanks to its founder Harmon S. Holmes.


According to their website,1.6 million boxes each day are sent across the country and to 32 countries.

Howdy Holmes, Chelsea Milling Company president and CEO shared that Jiffy is truly Michigan through and through.

“We’re Michiganders. We try to support local."

Is this my way of saying that Beyoncé loves Michigan?


Is it a stretch?

Absolutely! But I will take it!

So, in honor of our Queen Beyoncé loving Jiffy Mix cornbread, go and make some cornbread today in your Michigan home today!

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