While driving to school just east of Scottville in Mason County, a young man from Michigan noticed a strange object in the sky that quickly caught his attention.

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At about 7 am Feb 8, 2024, after seeing what he believed was a UFO, the young man called his mother to share the news. She instructed him to start filming right away, and that's exactly what he did.

At first glance, the object appears to be a dark, shadowy spot in the sky. One might mistake it for part of a cloud or something, but it's clearly an object sitting still in the sky. While you can't make out exactly what it is, it definitely has the shape of a traditional saucer-shaped UFO. We're not saying that's what it is; it just resembles that shape.

Rhonda Hahn-Smith
Rhonda Hahn-Smith

The still photo doesn't do the image justice; you really have to see the video which has much better clarity. Unfortunately, the video was shared in the Michigan UFO Sightings and Paranormal Encounters Podcast Facebook Group, which isn't shareable. So, to see the actual video, you'll need to join the group.

Rhonda Hahn-Smith
Rhonda Hahn-Smith

This isn't the first time this family has witnessed something strange in the sky. Back in December of 2023, we told you about their wild encounter with a UFO flying over Kent County.

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Sometimes you have to stop what you're doing, lift your face from your phone, and just look up. If more people start doing this, I bet the number of sightings would significantly increase.

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