I don't frequent the Dollar Store or places like Five Below, but at the end of the day, I'm starting to regret that after seeing prices on the rise at 'Dollar Stores' now. I see some rebranding on the way.

How can you get away with calling yourself a Dollar Store, when most of your products are now above a dollar... and they definitely are now! Dollar Tree's products are all on average $1.25.

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On top if it too, Dollar Tree, just announced the closing of 1,000 of it's Family Dollar locations after underperforming in 2023.

Changes Coming To Michigan Dollar Trees

If you thought about saving a buck, you may not be saving that much money after all. Dollar Tree is raising some of their prices again on certain brands.

Dollar Tree To Close 1,000 Family Dollar Stores
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To be clear, not all items in the store will be at the $7 figure mark, however, similar to the current Five Below model, they will feature products that are no longer just a $1.00...

Some of these changes are coming partly due to all the closures of its Family Dollar franchise, in hopes of making up for profits lost due to that closing, but also to keeping up with the rise in inflation. That inflation isn't just hitting that of the common American, but that of many retail giants.


With many stores having to close their doors, and not even just stores, but businesses across the board, what else could we use their spaces for, instead of just letting them sit and rot?

We've got some ideas.

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