Driving thru any abandoned neighborhood at night is creepy enough...but to walk through one of the deserted Detroit neighborhoods during the night is downright ballsy.

Walking alone in a parking ramp is nerve-wracking enough...but in a mostly-abandoned neighborhood? Nuh-uh...not me.

But this guy did...he took his cellphone and walked down a few blocks at night, surrounded by empty lots, abandoned houses, crumbling homes, strangers walking the streets and passing by...that takes guts.

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So, without drawing this narrative out any longer, take a look at some of the still shots taken from this guy's video in the gallery below...then decide if you want to follow in his footsteps and do the same thing.

Walking Thru A Detroit Neighborhood At Night

Inside the Abandoned Homes of a Detroit Neighborhood

Abandoned Flint Neighborhoods

Abandoned Phelps Lounge, Detroit

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