It was in 1993 when Lorena Bobbitt snuck into the bedroom where her husband John Bobbitt was asleep. Fed up with John's continuous abuse, she had grabbed a Ginsu knife from the kitchen...upon entering the bedroom, she pulled own the sheets and sliced off his manhood.

But that wasn't the the first time a crime like this was committed. 85 years earlier in 1908, Bertha Boronda did the same thing to her husband. Instead of a Ginsu knife, she used a straight razor and did the deed caused by Frank's cheating.

They had been married for six years when one night just after midnight they were just sitting and talking when she leaned over with the razor and made the slice. Why did she do it? She was worried that Frank was going to leave her and move to Mexico.

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Frank made it to the Red Cross Hospital where his wound was taken care of; they found Bertha wandering the railroad tracks dress in men's clothing. She was arrested and charged with “mayhem.” But what exactly constitutes 'mayhem'? It's described as “Every person who unlawfully and maliciously deprives a human being of a member of his body or renders it useless, or cuts or disables the tongue, nose, ear or lip, is guilty of mayhem.”

In 1908 Bertha Boronda was sentenced to five years in prison.

Some other females that made the annals of crime – but are mostly forgotten are the following:

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Except for the crime of Dorothy Mort, the rest seem tame in comparison to the tales of the Bobbitts and the Borondas.


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