WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

It seems to be getting scarier and scarier for the elderly and people in need of health facilities. Where are they to go? What facilities can they trust? How can they afford it? Even with monetary and insurance help, how can they be sure they are going to get the best care? Bottom line is, they can't be sure.

This abandoned building was the Hallmark Living Nursing Home in Kalamazoo. The reason it was abandoned? It was shut down in 2019 after the Department of Health and Human Services removed their Medicaid and Medicare programs. Why? It was claimed the facility did not meet ten different Medicaid and Medicare requirements which included:
Comprehensive Care Plans
Freedom from Abuse
Infection Control
Neglect and Exploitation
Quality of Care
Resident Rights

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According to WWMT.com, one man claimed his brother “laid in his own urine in bed because he wasn't cleaned.” Even the U.S. Medicare website gave the facility a one-star rating after an inspection in 2018. Even so, the facility had already acquired an above-average four-star rating due to the quality of resident care.

Looking around inside, there is some minor spray-painted graffiti, rubble, and some broken fixtures, while the outside underbrush is slowly taking over the grounds. Meantime, the facility sits at 3625 W. Michigan Avenue and seems to be waiting for an answer to “what's going to happen to me?”

Take a look at some inside and outside images in the gallery below...

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