We all love to eat and we all love delicious foods that are famous and come from Michigan.

I found this website, thumbwind.com, that actually lists 15 famous and delicious foods that come from Michigan

And when you think of delicious foods from Michigan, you think of Coney Dogs,  Olive Burgers, Detroit style Pizza, and Wet Burritos. All famous foods from our Great Lakes State.

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Here are a few of my favorites from the article I found at thumbwind.com:

1.  Buddy's Detroit Style Pizza. There is nothing better than a delicious deep dish pizza from Buddy's Pizza. The first time I tried it, is when my wife and I drove down to Detroit for a Tigers baseball game. After the game, we enjoyed the best pizza ever. Lots of cheese and all kinds of toppings.

2. Frankenmuth Chicken. Absolutely the best chicken dinners around. It takes me about an hour and twenty minutes to get to Frankenmuth, and well worth the drive for mouth watering chicken dinners. Best places to go, Zehnder's or Bavarian Inn.

3. The Olive Burger.  Is your mouth watering yet, mine is. Who serves up the most delicious Oliver burgers around? Here's more from thumbwind.com:

What food is Lansing Michigan famous for? Look no further, than the Olive burger. Some of the best olive burgers in Lansing can be found at Weston’s Kewpee Burger and Olympic Broil.

Are you ready for more of Michigan's favorite foods?

4.  Mackinac Island Fudge. You can't get of enough of this very popular sweet treat from Mackinac Island. You can find delicious fudge shops all over the Island. They carry flavors such as peanut butter, dark chocolate, and German chocolate. And let's not forget about white chocolate too.

5. Coney Dogs. Another Michigan favorite. Coney dogs are so delicious and go great with an ice cold root beer. Coney Island hot dogs come with chili, mustard, and raw onions on a beef hot dog and they are so tasty. Where's the best place to buy a Coney dog? Thumbwind.com has more:

If you are looking for some original coney dogs, try out the American Coney Island and Lafayette Coney Island joints.

Would you like to check out 10 more delicious Michigan foods that are famous? Thumbwind.com has them all.

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