Detroit is one of the major markets of the United States and remains a critical part to the country's success throughout history. This is why a few months ago when the city announced they would be erecting a Hollywood-like sign welcoming visitors, and all residents into the city, people were a little excited. Besides, according to the artist's rendering, the giant lighted letters that would spell Detroit would be a cool landmark.

But then we found out that the location of the letters was not going to be going where people expected now with the reveal of the letters people are a mix of disappointed, embarrassed, and beside themselves as the actual letters look nothing like the artist surrendering. Quite the contrary, it looks as though they got the letters from Party City.

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That’s just what Detroit rapper GMac Cash raps about in his new song about the Detroit sign, and as always he crushed it. GMac Cash is responsible for Big Gretch, Montgomery Brawl, and Will Smith Slapped The Sh*t Out of Chris Rock.

He gained popularity over the pandemic with his hilarious takes on pop culture news or videos, like the milk crate challenge, a viral video of what appears to be a rat climbing up the wall of a restaurant, and gas prices.

In the video below, there is some adult language and sensitive material so watch at your own risk. Just know that it’s absolutely hilarious and perfect as always. GMac Cash stays prepared for any situation, clearly.

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