I moved to Michigan about three years ago. One thing I learned very quickly...the tactic of "sounding it out" to try and figure out how local town names were pronounced was not going to do me any good.

I've been doing my best but, I'm still learning that there are town names and beyond that only true Michiganders can pronounce correctly. Will you pass the test? Take a look:

20 Words Only Michiganders Can Pronounce Correctly

These words may look odd to first-time visitors of the mitten state but, only true Michiganders can pronounce them correctly.

How'd you do? That Bois Blanc Island still throws me off. I guess I've yet to blossom into a true Michigander.

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Don't worry, though. If you still struggle with pronouncing town names when you move to Michigan, I promise you, there will be a Michigander nearby that will happily correct you (usually with a chuckle).

By the way, I don't care what anyone says. It's Meijer. Not MeijerS.

See more hard-to-pronounce town and street names from freep.com and reinhartrealtors.com.

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