It's not often you see a smaller town get a shoutout on national television. At least, it's usually not for anything good.

But, that's not the case today!

In the Facebook group Vicksburg Michigan: Around the Village, a man named James Horein shared a post that reads,

Vicksburg will be called out on the Today show today!!!! My wife and I got picked to film a small 3 word segment calling out our great town! It will air right st 8 am!

With this included picture:

Via/ James Horein
Via/ James Horein

Unfortunately, I didn't catch it as it aired on the Today Show. Not even through their live Youtube stream. But, that sign is amazing. Here's James' wife, Emily, with Al Roker:

Thankfully, the clip of Emily and James on the Today Show was caught on video by others. You can see two clips on our Facebook post.

Congrats to James and Emily for making it onto the show, and thanks for giving a small, SW Michigan town some attention!

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