If you are someone who is Trans, making sure you feel comfortable when visiting a place like a hair salon is really important. After all, that salon is helping you, hopefully, achieve a new style or look that will make you feel more like you, right? You have to know that you can trust them.

Yes, you can do a quick Google search or social media search for salons that may be trans-friendly in the area. But, what if the results aren't accurate?

That's why the website, Strands for Trans, was created.

I learned about this website thanks to, you guessed it, Tiktok. The video came from the account @theOGsmash who is a gender-affirming stylist in Michigan:

Specifically, they operate out of Ink & Dye, a tattoo shop/hair salon in Milan, Michigan.

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About Strands for Trans

Through their website, Strands for Trans offers an interactive map that points to salons that offer gender-affirming styling in safe environments.

Via/ StrandsforTrans.org
Via/ StrandsforTrans.org

Participating salons register through Strands for Trans so you know for certain that you will be welcome and treated with respect. Salons also have access to resources to help them create a safer space for their clients.

As well, this isn't local to just Michigan. This points to safe hair shops around the world so, wherever you go, you'll hopefully be able to find one that's close to you.

See their full map and learn how to register your business here.

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