It's been a busy storm season! As of July 25, 2023 a total of 887 tornadoes have already been confirmed across the country and with the recent tornado in Perry, Michigan, we just added one more!

As a self-proclaimed weather nerd I'm curious to know just how many tornadoes in total have touched down in Michigan this year?

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What Happened in Perry?

In case you missed it, the National Weather Service has just confirmed that indeed a tornado did touch down just outside of Perry near Lansing last Friday evening, August 11.

Writes WOODTV's Storm Channel 8,

The tornado then intensified as it moved into downtown Perry, producing substantial tree and roof damage. It then lifted just east of downtown at around 8:03 p.m...The city asked residents to stay home Friday night, saying there were multiple downed power lines and dangerous conditions.

According to the National Weather Service the EF-1 tornado produced 95 mph winds but thankfully there were no injuries reported.

Click On Detroit | Local 4 | WDIV via YouTube
Click On Detroit | Local 4 | WDIV via YouTube

How Many Tornadoes Total?

According to the State of Michigan, on average we see about 15 tornadoes total per year. Preliminary findings show 7 tornadoes have touched down this year--so far. Here's where they happened:

The National Weather Service says June is typically the most active month for tornadoes in Michigan. We don't often see super powerful twisters in The Mitten; as the above list states it's most EF-0 (wind speeds between 65-85 mph) or EF-1 (wind speeds between 86-110 mph) but that's certainly enough to do some damage!

Check out the State of Michigan's severe weather preparedness guide here.

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