With over 300 waterfalls within the state, I'd be impressed if you've seen them all. But, which ones are a must-see?

Most of the waterfalls are located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula but, they are well worth the drive. Whether you're traveling during the Summer months or, are hoping to catch the vision that is the UP during the changing of the leaves, here are 10 waterfalls you have to see at least once in your lifetime:

1. Miners Falls 

The great news about this waterfall is that it won't take much to get there. You'll find Miners Falls in the Munising area off Miners Castle Road. The falls are well marked so, there's no risk of you accidentally getting lost in the woods.

2. Tahquamenon Falls 

Easily the most famous waterfall in Michigan, Tahquamenon Falls can be found at Tahquamenon Falls State Park in Paradise. They stand 50 feet tall and 200 feet wide, making them Michigan's largest waterfalls. They're also easily accessible.

3. Sable Falls 

Sable Falls, in Grand Marais, is just half a mile from the park's entrance making them easily accessible and a must-see. The falls drop about 75 feet down to the beach below.

4. Chapel Falls 

See what I mean about the sights when the leaves are changing? It's unmatched. Chapel Falls, found in the Pictured Rocks area, is perfect for those wanting a long hike. The entire loop is about 10 miles. If that's too much for you, that's okay. There are shorter hikes where you can still see waterfalls.

5. Spray Falls 

Also found in the Pictured Rocks area, Spray Falls is best seen via boat tour. But, there is a 3-mile trail that will also take you to the falls. I don't know if the trail will grant you the full view of the 70-foot waterfall like a boat would, though. Something to keep in mind when visiting the area.

6. Rock River Falls 

Rock River Falls can be found in the Rock River Wilderness area in Alger County. You'll have to hike about a mile from the parking lot to find these falls.

7. Laughing Whitefish Falls 

In the same area as Rock River Falls, you'll find Laughing Whitefish Falls. It's said to be one of the tallest waterfalls in Michigan. And, if you're there to see Rock River Falls, might as well take an extra trek to check these out, too.

8. Canyon Falls 

Known as the Grand Canyon of Michigan's UP, Canyon Falls features water flowing over dark rocks into a square canyon. And, if you can't make it to the actual Grand Canyon, this place can surely be a gorgeous substitute in the meantime.

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9. Bond Falls 

Located in Paulding, these falls can safely be seen from a boardwalk trail above. The boardwalk also makes these falls accessible to those in a wheelchair. While you're there, look out for the mysterious Paulding Lights that people have been spotting since the 1960s. Could they be ghosts? You decide.

10. Ocqueoc Falls 

Last, but not least, the Lower Peninsula's only waterfall - Ocqueoc Falls. You'll find the falls along a pathway that starts at the falls and follows the river. This area is also said to be wheelchair accessible.

As I said at the top of this article, there are over 300 waterfalls in Michigan. Find even more to explore from michigan.org and mymichiganbeach.com.

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