Well, this can't be good.

We're staring down spring here in The Mitten. Pretty soon we'll be tapping trees for maple syrup, the birds will start singing, and the mountains of snow will melt away.

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Oh, wait. That's already happening right now!

Usually by this time of year I find myself begging for winter to end. After months of shoveling off my car and dealing with Lake Effect snow I'm typically counting down the days until spring officially starts.

However, I don't really find myself doing that this year. Is it just me?

It's been a wacky winter, no doubt, but climate experts have actually had to coin a new term for what we've been experiencing:

The Lost Winter

Just how bad is it? According to one TikToker Michigan and the rest of the Midwest have experience the warmest winter on record. @molesrcool says,

It was so warm in Wisconsin that they've had their first ever tornado in the month of February, even the Great Lakes are at record-low ice coverage which is bad for so many reasons...right now in our lifetimes we're entering the reality where winter is starting to become a thing of the past

I mean, 62 degrees at the end of February?! It was nice while it lasted but I think we all know deep down that something's not right.

Paul Hepner, with permission
Marquette, Michigan - Paul Hepner, with permission

But Wait, There's More

Yes, it gets worse. @molesrcool goes on to add that Canada is currently experience "Zombie Fires" where wildfires continue to burn underneath the snowfall-- I don't even know how that's possible!

Considering how bad the wildfires were up there last season, I can only imagine what that means for the upcoming wildfire season. Essentially, get used to smoky summers here in Michigan.

And an infinite one at that.

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