Michigan Wolverines are headed to the College Football Playoff Championship game after their Rose Bowl win over Alabama. Before the Wolverines captured that win, one Michigan photographer was capturing the picture of a lifetime ahead of the big game. And now the iconic photo is going viral on the internet.

Michigan Photographer Captures Iconic Rose Bowl Shot

Michigan photographer Tyler Leipprandt's Rose Bowl photo is going viral after capturing something special in his pre-game shot.

Michigan Sky Media Facebook
Michigan Sky Media Facebook

Leipprandt's photo 'For All The Roses' is available on his website, Michigan Sky Media. The picture was shared on ESPN's social media and received more likes than its post announcing the Wolverines won the Rose Bowl.

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Michigan Sky Media Facebook
Michigan Sky Media Facebook

According to MLive, Leipprandt was flying 4,000 feet in a helicopter with his camera above the Rose Bowl. With a little luck and impeccable timing, Leipprandt captures the B2 Spirit Bomber during a flyover of the stadium before the Michigan-Alabama game. Also according to MLive, Leipprandt said that he had to direct the pilot to the perfect spot above the stadium, since he was sitting on other side of the helicopter. And to add to the incredible moment, the photographer's brother was with him who is is a U.S. Air Force veteran. After catching the now viral shot, the brothers made it on the ground in time to cheer the Wolverines on to a win.

Leipprandt, who’s from Traverse City, has taken other flyover photos at stadiums like Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State, as well as some shots with the Coast Guard.

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