The Hallmark Channel is calling and I must go!

We're approaching one of my favorite times of the year-- Hallmark holiday season. Yes, I'm basic and I know it but nothing tugs at my heartstrings more than a predictable, feel-good rom-com and we all know Hallmark has that formula down to a science.

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The winter-water wonderland that is Michigan has no shortage of scenic small towns that offer the perfect backdrop for any Hallmark movie classic:

Beachside communities? We've got them!

Charming Christmas towns? Check!

Family-owned farms and orchards that have been passed down through generations? Absolutely! 

4 Quaint Towns in Michigan That Are Just Begging For A Hallmark Movie

From Saugatuck to Mackinac Island, here are 4 communities across The Mitten that Hallmark should consider as the backdrop for their next movie!

Have Any Hallmark Movies Filmed Here?

There actually are a handful of Hallmark-produced movies that have been filmed in Michigan. In addition to A Christmas Story Christmas, actress Jane Seymour returned to The Mitten and filmed Perfectly Prudence in Grand Rapids.

Seymour famously starred in the heart-tugging Somewhere in Time along with Christopher Reeve which was both set and filmed on Mackinac Island.

Mackinac Island Cottage For Sale Has $5 Million Dollar Views

Cairngorm Cottage is located at 7989 Algonquin St on Mackinac Island.

5 Holiday Movies Set in Michigan

All of these holiday movies were either filmed in or are set in the mitten state.

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