Whether you're at the grocery store or stopping at one of your favorite restaurants to eat, we're not always aware of what goes into the food we're buying and eating in Michigan. Our foods are bound to pick up something we don't want to consume before it gets to our table. And recent studies show that what's in our food could threaten our health.

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Chemicals Found In Popular Food Items Could Cause Cancer

From processing to packaging, our food goes through quite the journey before it gets to our tables. Through that process, there's a chance that harmful chemicals have snuck into our foods before we consume them. According to a study from Consumer Reports, chemicals like bisphenols and phthalates found in plastics have been found in large quantities in popular food items in Michigan. And there's a long list of health problems associated with those chemicals, even in small amounts.

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Food And Drinks Filled With Harmful Chemicals Affect On Health

According to the research from Consumer Reports, bisphenols and phthalates in our food are concerning for several reasons:

Even minor disruptions in hormone levels can contribute to an increased risk of several health problems, including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, birth defects, premature birth, neurodevelopmental disorders, and infertility.

While there is no level of BPA and plasticizers that scientists have confirmed as safe, lower levels are better. Opting for fresh, unpackaged foods whenever possible is the best way to protect ourselves and our families. Check out the list below of popular food items and their total phthalates per serving.

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