We've seen a lot of snowfall lately here in Michigan. No matter where you live, you've seen the snowfall and coat the ground.

But do you know which cities here in Michigan see the most snow?

These 10 Michigan Cities Experience The Most Snowfall

When it comes to snowfall, there are a few towns here in Michigan that experience and see it more than the others.

While you may think most are all in Northern Michigan, not all are. Take a look at the top 10 cities that experience the most snowfall here in Michigan.

These 10 Michigan Towns Experience The Worst Snowfall

Ever wonder where the worst places in Michigan are for snowfall? These 20 Michigan counties are the worst for snowfall in Michigan, based on data collected throughout the years.

Do you live in one of the cities that see the most snowfall? There is no lack of it when you call the Great Lakes home. Whether you call Northern Michigan home or Southern Michigan home, you'll find the snow one way or another.

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The true start of winter shouldn't be in December with Christmas, it should be moved to January and a new holiday should be created here in Michigan to accommodate the lack of snow during the Christmas season.

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