On Friday, August 11th, Michigan saw some potentially dangerous weather in certain areas around the state.

Shiawasse County, in particular, saw the brunt of the storm on Friday.

Funnel Cloud Spotted in Perry, Michigan

Videos surfaced quickly moments after the funnel cloud/tornado was spotted in Shiawasse County, showing the sheer terror that ripped its way through a couple of small towns, especially Perry, Michigan.

@davebondy Bill Bouwman just sent me this video of what appears to be a funnel cloud in the distance on I69 in Shiawassee County. #FunnelCloud #Tornado #ShiawasseeCounty #Storm #SevereStorms #MichiganStorms #MichiganWeather #BreakingNews ♬ original sound - Dave Bondy

While it was unconfirmed on Friday, on whether or not that this was an actual tornado, it was later confirmed by the national weather service that this was in fact a tornado. You can see some cars pulled over on the highway, while others attempted to speed away from the funnel cloud in the distance.

Here is another video of the same tornado that day, be advised this may have some explicit language inside of it.

@laurenlinnea #tornado #funnelcloud #michigan #perrymichigan #fyp ♬ original sound - laurenlinnea


The Aftermath of the Tornado

There was some damage done after the tornado had passed through Perry, Michigan. Rooftops were damaged, trees toppled over as well as street signs all lying about. Take a look at some of the aftermath pictures here:  

@lacethefuckup99 #tornado #severeweather #perrymichigan ♬ Paris - Else

Did you see the storm for yourself? Send us some pictures/videos through our app of anything you may have captured.

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