When choosing where you're going to receive health care, it's no small decision. Whether it is care for yourself or a loved one, you only want the best care available.

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So which hospital here in Michigan should you go too if you are ever in an emergency?

The Top 5 Hospitals In Michigan

The best hospitals here in Michigan were just recently announced by Newsweek, and this could be a helpful source, depending on your location, on where you should go to get the best care.

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Some of the best hospitals around in Michigan are in the Mid-Michigan area, while some are down towards Detroit.

Regardless, you want the best when it comes to your health care providers, even a drive to another hospital out of the region could be worth it for you or your loved ones.

Take a look below at the top 5 hospitals here in the state of Michigan.

The 5 Best Hospitals Here In Michigan

When it comes to hospitals, you want only the best for yourself and the people you love. So where do you decide to go? These 5 hospitals were named number one, according to Newsmax.

Have you been to one of the following hospitals before? Would you agree with the ranking that Newsweek put out to the public?

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Michigan's 20 Healthies Counties

Living here in the state of Michigan is enjoyable for the most part, if you can get past the brutal winters. Do you know where some of the healthiest counties here in the state are?

Below is a list of the 20 healthiest counties here in Michigan, of the 83 counties that the state of Michigan has.

Take a look below, and see if you live in one of the healthiest counties here in the state.

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