When it comes to living here in Michigan, we do have a lot of perks! The beauty of Northern Michigan. The Great Lakes. Amazing fudge! Can we mention the fall foliage that you can see when you head north!

What's not to love?

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Well... there are some bad sides to Michigan, just like any state. But we have some cities and towns that have some worse qualities than others.

The 10 Trashiest Cities in Michigan

As stated above, Michigan has a lot of great qualities, but like any state, we also have our own downfalls.

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Crime rates helped determine which Michigan cities made this list. Take a look below and see if your Michigan town made the list of the trashiest city in Michigan.

The 10 Trashiest Cities Here In Michigan

These are the Michigan cities that have the highest crime rates, making them some of the worst places to live here in Michigan. See if the city you call home made the list.,

Do you agree with the analysis on these Michigan towns? The list was compiled on crime rates from across the state, which helped rank the worst Michigan communities.

These 9 Midwest Cities Are The Most Miserable

Getting away on the hate towards Michigan, let's also rank some other midwestern states.

These midwestern cities all made the Forbes list of the most miserable. Take a look below, and see what cities made this list.

9 Miserable Midwest Cities

These Midwest cities are some of the most miserable in the United States, according to Forbes.

Gallery Credit: Jacob Harrison

Do you agree with the list compiled above? Have you been to any of the midwestern towns above that made this list?

Did you see Lansing, Michigan made the list? Did you agree with the ranking of the state capitol? Let us know in the app today. What are your thoughts?

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