A random sampling that found salmonella and listeria in cat and dog food led to a voluntary recall.

Traces of the bacteria were found in both cat and dog foods from the company Viva Raw. While the company produces USDA-approved raw pet food for cats and dogs strictly through e-commerce, Michigan pet owners should be wary of any Viva products they may have purchased recently.

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According to Viva, the last shipment of the affected pet food was shipped back on December 6th to over 1,500 customers nationwide.

From Viva's statement on their website:

We want to be as open & candid as we can with all of you but there’s a lot of information that we cannot share, and there’s a lot that we are working to understand ourselves. As you can imagine, things happened extremely quickly and we’re doing our best to work through this.

The specific products found to have traces of salmonella and listeria were from duck recipes of cat and dog food from Lot #22853. The specific products are listed as Viva Duck for Dogs (ground), Viva Duck for Dogs (chunked) and Viva Pure Duck (for cats and dogs). Pictures of the products can be seen here.

One customer report to the FDA led to the testing of the products and subsequent recall. Customers who purchased the product should have received an email with instructions for handling any remaining product, including disposing of the product properly and receiving a refund.

Viva says they only received the one complaint and there has been no confirmation of illness in any humans or pets.

Pet owners who may have fed their pets the affected product should monitor their pets for symptoms of lethargy, diarrhea, fever, and vomiting and contact their veterinarian if they appear. Pets who have consumed the food and are not displaying symptoms can be carriers and eventually infect other animals or humans. All concerns should be presented to your veterinarian.

Further information from Viva on the recall can be seen on their website.

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