One of the best parts of getting on a roller coaster is the anticipation of what lies ahead.

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You wait in line, then hop in a seat and strap down the buckle as tight as it can go so you don't slide out.

Then just before taking off you get locked in with a bar over your shoulders or your thighs.

You're locked in and the ride slowly starts to climb to the top, once you reach it everything seems to slowdown as you plunge down to the ground screaming for your life.

A new ride that Cedar Point recently opened Top Thrill 2 had roller coaster fans excited.

But not long after it's grand opening the ride was shut down for safety concerns and remains closed indefinitely, with no reopening date in sight.

The coaster was shut down for "mechanical modifications" to be carried out by the manufacturer Zamperla, but the specifics have not been fully disclosed.

Cedar Point has assured guests that the ride will undergo a thorough review by Zamperla, the park's maintenance and operations teams, and a third-party inspection partner before reopening.

Cedar Point initially expressed hope for a quick resolution, stating they would "do everything possible to reopen Top Thrill 2 as soon as we are confident we can deliver the ride experience that our guests deserve." However, three weeks later, the closure continues.

Cedar Point spokesperson Tony Clark recently provided an update, stating, "We don't anticipate it will be a summer-long closure. We hope to provide an update soon."

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