Going into the final weeks before election day, the race between Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her opponent Tudor Dixon has gotten much tighter according to a recent poll.

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Who is ahead in the Michigan Governor's race?

Prior to Tuesday night's debate, the Trafalgar group releases its most recent polling which shows the Democratic incumbent and her Republican opponent in a virtual tie with less than two weeks to go in the election.

Trafalgar Group
Trafalgar Group
New Michigan News Source and Trafalgar Group #michigangov #poll (10/18-21) shows incumbent #Whitmer and #Dixon in a statistical tie
0.4% Other
1.8% Und
Gretchen Whitmer /Facebook
Gretchen Whitmer /Facebook

How is Gretchen Whitmer polling against Tudor Dixon?

The race between Whitmer & Dixon seemed out of reach for the Republican back in the summer with some polls showing double-digit leads for the incumbent.

A composite of midsummer polls from the FiveThirtyEight project had Whitmer polling at 57%, well ahead of Dixon who on July 6th was only polling at 22.5% on the same poll.

Currently, FiveThirtyEight has Whitmer polling ahead, but by a much slimmer lead of 49.4% to Dixon's 42.2%.
Tudor Dixon/Facebook
Tudor Dixon/Facebook

Why is Tudor Dixon catching up to Gretchen Whitmer in the polls?

Steve Mitchell, president of Mitchell Research says that the first debate might have been the jumpstart that Dixon needed to introduce herself to Michigan's voters:

After a strong debate performance and after a statewide TV buy that has given Tudor Dixon much-needed advertising, she has closed the race to a two percent margin, 49% to 47%. Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who also had a strong debate against the challenger, has out-raised and out-spent Dixon exponentially, but the Governor is faced with a very bad economic environment that includes the highest inflation in more than forty years.
Whatever happens on November 8th in Michigan, it certainly looks like the race will be a tight one.

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