One of the best things about living in Michigan is the Great Lakes and its beautiful beaches.

Laura Hardy / TSM
Laura Hardy / TSM

I remember the first time watching a sunset at Holland State Park, It was one the most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen.

One Michigan teen brought his bovine to a Lake Michigan beach and that made several people have a cow.


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Michigan Teen Wyatt Bargy Brought His Cow To The Beach

Wyatt Bargy wanted to take some pictures with his 4-H cow Lil B on a Lake Michigan beach and the photo session had become the talk of the town.

Kevin Bargy via Facebook
Kevin Bargy via Facebook

Why Did Wyatt Take Lil B To The Beach?

Wyatt has been raising Lil B on his family's cattle farm and wanted to take pictures with the cow to use as promotional material to help sell the 1,300lb steer when he takes it to the 4-H auction.

Milton Township Discusses Wyatt And Lil B

When Wyatt and Lil B went to Lake Michigan for the photo shoot a man who lives near the public beach access told Wyatt he didn't think the cow should be out there.

James Pesta has a house near public access and told Mlive why he had a problem with it.

“The story is people just thinking they can use land, build benches, come down, picnic, bring the whole family, bring grills in, The Fourth of July and Labor Day weekend, it’s like Woodstock.”


Wyatt and his father Kevin say that Lil B was like a big puppy on a leash. They also prepared for any clean-up if Lil B left some cow pies behind at the beach.


Another Person Had a Problem With Wyatt And His Cow Lil B

At a Milton Township Board of Trustees meeting, another neighbor, Paulette Termaat, was there to talk about Lil B and called it “unacceptable.”

Was Wyatt Breaking The Law By Brining Lil B To The Beach?

Milton Township Supervisor Chris Weinzapfel had this to say about Wyatt bringing Lil B to the Lake Michigan Beach.

" While it might be “unsettling to see a big animal like this on the beach, it isn’t illegal. I don’t know if there’s anything that can honestly be done. Again, it’s the first time it happened. I haven’t heard of that happening anywhere else.”


Will Wyatt Bring Lil B Back To The Beach?

Lil B will not be joining Wyatt at the beach again.

He was sold last month at the Northwestern Michigan fair.

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