For most of the U.S., it will be cold all week, but for people in Michigan, a heatwave is coming later this week with temperatures expected to be in the mid-50s.

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On Groundhog Day we got mixed forecasts about spring coming or winter hanging around.

The most famous groundhog of all Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow which means an earlier spring.

Crowds Gather To See Punxsutawney Phil On Groundhog Day In Pennsylvania
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In Howell,  Woody The Woodchuck predicted 6 more weeks of winter.

Since Phil and Woody have mixed forecasts let's see what metorgolists are saying about this week.

Michigan Temps Are Expected To Be In The 50s Later This Week

The weather forecast this week for Michigan comes with some good news and some bad news.

Let's talk about the good news first, according to Fox 17 we will have temps in the 50s later this week

  • Monday - Mostly Sunny with a high of 44°
  • Tuesday - Partly Cloudy with a high of 45°
  • Wednesday - Cloudy with a high of 49°
  • Thursday - Scattered Showers with a high of 55°
  • Friday - Light Rain with a high of  52°
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Now for the bad news, with the warmer weather scattered showers are also being forecasted for Thursday and Friday.

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Ok while rain can put a damper on things it will be nice to wake up later this week and not have to defrost the car or shovel and snow.

Spring Is On The Way

Michiganders have a few things to look forward to.

tulips with sunshine
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On March 19th spring will officially arrive, not only will the temperature be getting warmer, but The sun will be out longer.

sunshine stuck behind overcast sky
sunshine stuck behind overcast sky

The sunlight is desperately needed and welcome in Michigan.

Michigan had one of the darkest Januarys in almost 100 years according to the Lansing State Journal.

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