Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer wants to send Michiganders an Inflation Relief check.

Michigan Governor Whitmer Speaks On State's Primary Election Day
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How much would it be? When would you get it? Here's what we know so far.

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Gov. Whitmer Shared Plan To Send Inflation Relief Checks To Michiganders

On Monday, February 6, 2023, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer shared her plans to lower Michiganders' taxes.

Credit: Getty/Canva
Credit: Getty/Canva

Several parts of that plan included:

  • Repealing the retirement tax, which would amount to savings of $1,000 a year for senior households
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  • Boosting the Working Families Tax Credit, which would amount to $3,150 in tax returns to low-income residents
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  • Sending $180 tax rebate checks (inflation relief checks) to residents, which would come from the state's general fund.

What Is Inflation?

Senate Republicans Hold News Conference On Inflation On Capitol Hill
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According to Wikipedia, inflation is"

an increase in the general price level of goods and services in an economy.

When the general price level rises, each unit of currency buys fewer goods and services; consequently, inflation corresponds to a reduction in the purchasing power of money

When Would I Get A Inflation Relief Check?

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If you're looking for a check anytime soon, don't hold your breath. As of right now the plan still needs to pass both chambers of the Michigan legislature before taking effect.

Who Would Get A Inflation Relief Check?

The Inflation Relief checks would be sent for each income tax filing, which means a couple that filed jointly would receive one check.

Watch: Michiganders Could Get $180 Inflation Relief Checks Under Proposed Plan

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