There are still people in the state of Michigan who aren't sold on the state's legalization of Marijuana. They say it's smelly, a threat to children, and causes people to live in a stupor. But, there are a ton of positives to Michigan allowing marijuana to be legal, including some of the "nice things" we can now have thanks to it.

Business in cannabis

You may not know, but Michigan cities get a huge chunk of cash for each dispensary thanks to the record high sales of cannabis in the state. At one point, Michigan cities started reciving around $30k in tax money revenue per dispensary to use towards public projects. Now in 2024, it's closer to $60k per licensed dispensary.

One of those projects is happening in Leoni Township, where they are gearing up to transform a 50-acre parcel of land into a vibrant recreational hub. From playground equipment to kayak rentals, the possibilities for fun and relaxation will be endless, and it's all thanks to that relaxing plant.

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The Leoni Township Board of Trustees seized the opportunity to acquire the picturesque Round Lake property from the Polish Falcons Nest 336. This acquisition not only expands the township's green space, but also honors the organization's wish to keep the land accessible to the community.

The $780,000 land purchase is financed through the Marijuana Excise Tax fund, proving that legalizing marijuana really brings us to having nicer things.

Leoni Township's status as a leader in cannabis commerce is undeniable, boasting the highest number of permitted dispensaries in Jackson County. With ten dispensaries contributing to over $590,000 in marijuana tax revenue in 2023 alone, the impact on public projects like this park is substantial.

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Imagine lazy afternoons spent by the lake, children laughing on new playground equipment, families paddling through serene waters on kayak rentals, and athletes honing their skills on little league playing fields. These are just a glimpse of the enriching experiences awaiting residents and visitors alike. And it's all because you decided to smoke or enjoy an edible. Crazy, right?

As the park takes shape, it symbolizes more than just recreational opportunities. It embodies community collaboration, forward-thinking governance, and the transformative power of responsible taxation.

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