If you are a Grand Rapids native, you probably have seen all of the historical landmarks throughout the city.

But how many do you think you can name or recognize?

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Heritage Hill Historic District

According to Sparefoot, Heritage Hill Historic District is Grand Rapids' first neighborhood.

"The Heritage Hill Historic District features a community of 37 historic homes that show different architectural features. There are examples of Queen Anne, Tudor, and Federal homes as well as Georgian Revival, Gothic Revival, and Italianate."

Meyer May House

Located in the well-known Heritage Hill, the Meyer May House is a restoration of a design made by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1909. It even has its original furnishing inside of the house.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The house gives a glimpse of what a prairie-style house would look like.

If you want to tour the house, there are tours happening on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

President Gerald R. Ford’s Boyhood Home

Reason #3 on why Heritage Hill is an iconic neighborhood in Grand Rapids,

From 1921 to 1930, the 38th President of the United States lived at 649 Union Street. He moved to this home when he was 8 years old until he was 17 years old.

If you want to find the house, you cannot miss it since it has a Michigan historical marker sitting in front of the home.

Leonardo Da Vinci's Horse

Made by animal sculptor Nina Akamu was inspired to make the massive 24-foot horse by Leonardo da Vinci's work.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Sparefoot.com says

"The American Horse is a testimony to the impressive ability of artists today as well as the significant role they played in Mila centuries ago. It is also one of the most striking landmarks in Grand Rapids."

You can see Leonardo Da Vinci's Horse at the Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park.

Fish Ladder

The fish ladder is exactly what it sounds like.

Wendy Reed/Townsquare Media
Wendy Reed/Townsquare Media

Created by artist Joseph Kinnebrew, the 5-step ladder allows the salmon and trout that passes through Grand Rapids to reach the other side of the 6-feet dam.

La Grande Vitesse

Translated to "the great swiftness" or "grand rapids", the installation is a sight to see near City Hall.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Created by Alexander Calder in 1969, "the Calder" is 43 feet tall steel pieces welded together. The entire piece itself weighs a total of 42 tons.

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