West Michigan loves EDM, and coming off of Breakaway it may seem like you’ll have to wait until the next Bass Country in October for a chance to dance your heart out.

He teased the appearance in a tweet this morning and people went wild in the comments trying to figure out why he was in town

And lots of his diehard fans put it together somehow before it became official and started to get in line to make sure they were able to make it, even without confirmation:

Laura Hardy / TSM
Laura Hardy / TSM

If you’re looking to join in on the fun, the first 1500 people will get in free, so you better be in line early if you expect to get in on the show.

And this show is especially important, because earlier this year the artist announced that he would be retiring from performing next month, meaning this may be your last chance to see him in Grand Rapids EVER.

And rumor is we’ll be seeing another Michigan native,Flats Stanlie opening up the show at 7pm, with Griz taking over around 8pm

We’re excited that GRiZ is giving us something fun to get into on a Monday night, and to keep us occupied until Bass Country returns to West Michigan next month. Get your candy ready, and meet your friends at The Intersection tonight.

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