I believe most drivers in Michigan know what they're doing behind the wheel.

Irina Igumnova

From dealing with wind, rain, snow, sleet and everything else Mother Nature throws our way, to dodging deer and potholes that could swallow up a car, you have to be alert and pay attention.


Some drivers unfortunately don't do that and we're stuck dealing with their distracted driving and the accidents that they cause.

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I've had several close calls on one downtown Grand Rapids street in particular.

If I didn't swerve out of the way we would have had an accident.

Those are the drivers that I want to bring attention to with this little driving PSA.

Driving PSA: Stop Playing Pacman When Driving In Downtown Grand Rapids

Canva / Google Maps
Canva / Google Maps

The two times I almost had accidents this year in downtown Grand Rapids were on Ionia Street between Monroe Center and Michigan Street.

Each time people were not paying attention and drifted into my lane.

The legal term is failure to maintain the lane, but after seeing a truck driver's videos online I'm now calling it "Pacmaning"


The idea is that a person drives between two lanes and on the white lines, similar to Pacman going after ghosts.

It's one thing to swerve out of your lane to avoid a giant pothole.

Old road. Concept highway in huge pits and potholes cloudy weather, sky in thick dark clouds. Symbol of hard way
Getty Images/iStockphoto

But it's a totally different thing to be distracted and not paying attention.

So to all the Pacman drivers in downtown Grand Rapids: please pay attention before something bad happens.


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