Detroit sports fans are no strangers to pain and heartache when it comes to their hometown teams.

Credit: Getty / Canva
Credit: Getty / Canva

And while the Lions are on a run with one of their best seasons in franchise history, someone has to pick up the slack when it comes to disappointing us. And that someone seems to be the Pistons. (Okay, maybe they don't, but at this point I don't know how else to explain what is happening with the polar opposite seasons that are happening in the same city.)

The Detroit Pistons are currently having a TERRIBLE season. With chants of "Sell the team" coming at nearly every game, the city is well aware of where they stand in the NBA franchise. But, this season the Pistons can claim a title that no one wants, they hold the title for the worst season in NBA history.

Utah Jazz v Detroit Pistons
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In fact, the Pistons haven't won a single game since before Halloween. And after last night's expected loss of 118-112 to the Brooklyn Nets, they're sitting with a 2-28 record. This earned them the longest losing streak in a NBA season. Yes, the Pistons set a single-season record on Tuesday, after losing their 27th consecutive regular-season game. Ouch.

Memphis Grizzlies v Detroit Pistons
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The record was previously held by the the Philadelphia 76ers for the 2013-14 season, and was originally set by the Cleveland Cavaliers back in their 2010-11 season.

And the Pistons know how we feel about it too. In fact, last night after the game they were begging fans to stick it out.

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Why are the Detroit Pistons so bad this season?

There a lot of fan theories about why the team is doing so poorly this season, but a lot of fans have been pointing to mismanagement and bad hires in the recruiting area of the team for the team's failures to win. Fans are also pointing to nepotism being a big problem with the team's management. In fact, this TikTok video explains it pretty well:

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So, here's hoping maybe they'll finally listen to the chants from fans of "Sell the team!" because, it's heartbreaking to pull my Pistons jersey out and wear it knowing that there's no chance they'll be winning anytime soon.

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